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How To Make Perfect Henna Paste at Home & Fill Henna Cone. In this tutorial we use DIY Henna powder kit (regular) by Henna Paradise.

For this preparation you will need the following:

  • 1. Henna paradise’s DIY henna powder kit(regular/large)
  • 2. Sifter
  • 3. Spoon
  • 4. Lemon juice (you can use normal lemon juice without pulp)
  • 5. A bowl


1. Sift the henna powder into a bowl (though our henna powder is triple sifted, we recommend to sift before use in order to avoid lumps and to make the mixing process easier).

2. Add a teaspoon (2 teaspoons for large pack) of brown sugar to the sifted henna powder. Mix it well.

3. Add a small amount of lemon juice at a time and mix it through.

4. Add the essential oil contained in your pack to the mixture. Mix it well.
Note: Do not panic if the mixture is not smooth enough.

5. Transfer the mixture into a separate bowl and cover it with clear wrap. Keep the bowl in a warm dark place for a minimum of 8 hours in order to make the dye release.

6. Remove the wrap from the bowl.

7. Mix it through and add a little water if needed to get the consistency of toothpaste.

8. Transfer the mixture into a carrot bag or a ziplock bag and secure it with a rubber band.

9. Cut the edge of the bag as shown in the picture and fill the henna applicator cone.

10. Add a small amount of mixture at a time and squeeze it through the end. do not fill the cone completely. Leave enough room to pack the cone as shown in the picture below.

11. Fold both sides first and then start folding from the top tightly. Secure the pack with clear plastic tape at the end.

12. You are now ready to create Henna. we would recommend you to doodle on paper before you apply it to the skin. Enjoy!

Hope you like this step by step tutorial of making perfect Henna Paste.

Source: Henna Paradise

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